Final Expense Lead Prospecting For Insurance Agents

If you have final expense leads that need prospecting, knowing the best way to work your leads is key.

Regardless of how you generated your leads, you need to have a robust process that you follow to ensure you’re maximizing the output and getting the best possible return on investment for your efforts.

In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about how to get final expense leads, how to sell final expense without leads, and how to generate final expense leads on Facebook.

Burial Insurance Form Policy Concept

How to Get Free Final Expense Leads

If you sell final expense insurance cover, you might be have considered whether or not to buy insurance leads.

Telemarketed final expense leads are just one of the options you have available to you, buying a final expense list is another, but which of these options are right for you and are there any final expense insurance companies with leads that are better than others?

A quick search online will throw up a number of companies that offer free final expense leads, and while this might seem like an attractive route to follow; these types of programs have very strict requirements in terms of the revenue and commissions you must generate and pay.

They will usually restrict the specific carriers that you can use, and in most cases, you will need to spend considerable time learning how to use their internal systems and processes.

Is there really ever such a thing as a free finance expense insurance lead?

As we have already mentioned, there are plenty of hoops you will need to jump through and targets you will be asked to meet on a regular weekly or biweekly basis.

Not only does this place pressure on you, but it can also distract you from some of the better lead generation techniques for final expense leads.

Somebody somewhere will be paying for these leads. If it’s not you, it could be your agency.

If you are part of a supportive final expense insurance agency, then you will most likely get some initial training, development, and support to help you get started. However, in return for this investment, you might take a significant cut in your commissions.

While this might not be such an issue when you are new, when you start to make money and generate sales from your final expense leads, you could be missing out on significant commissions compared to if you had generated your own final insurance expense leads.

How to Find New Final Expense Leads?

If you are trying to uncover new final expense leads, you might want to know the demographics for the type of people who buy final expense cover the most often.

The vast majority of final expense insurance agents will work with clients who are aged between 50-85 years old. Most of these people will be on a lower income, and they could be disabled or have a range of health conditions.

Selling burial insurance doesn’t require access to medical records, and there is no need for any blood tests before a policy can be sold.

Approvals can happen quickly, and in most cases, before the insurance agents leave the clients home.

There are a number of ways insurance agents find new final expense leads, all of these are listed below:

  • Facebook Final Expense Leads
  • Direct Mail Lead Generation for Final Expense Cover
  • Door Knocking or Canvassing for Final Expense Leads
  • Telemarketed Final Expense Leads
  • Referrals from Existing Customers for Final Expense Insurance Sales
  • PPC / Online Advertising for Final Expense Prospects

It goes without saying that the statistics support the aging population as most likely to buy this type of insurance. However, for those with children, it is also a great fit as they are more compelled to ensure that should anything happen, their children are not left with the burden of having to sort out any matters that could cause them additional stress.

One of the most beneficial reasons for using a platform such as Facebook for final expense, lead generation is that it gives you the ability to drill-down into the specific target customer segment for your products. It can also enable you to target customers based on key life events, such as the birth of a new child, which may also prove beneficial in helping you to find those more likely to be open to buying this type of cover.

Final Lead Prospecting with a Door Knocking List

Whether you have bought the list yourself or been handed it by an agency, final lead prospecting with a door-knocking list is a particularly effective way to sell burial insurance.

The first piece of advice we would suggest is to get your list in some form of order. Usually, sorting this in chronological order by door number is an easy way to work and read the list.

There might also be other information included on the list such as the age of the homeowners and the estimated household income.

TIP: If you are limited for time and only want to target those who meet specific criteria, having this information to hand on the day you go out can help you to maximize your efforts and focus on the specific target market that is known to be most successful.

Don’t depend on your tech completely, always print out a back-up list and have this with you at all times.

The vast majority of people who are prospects for final expense cover will most likely receive regular direct mail pieces about these types of policies, so they will already be aware of what you offer. The important part of door knocking a final expense prospect list is to build trust, be credible, look professional, and to be able to put them at ease so that they allow you to make your presentation.

Door knocking is usually most effective during daytime hours due to the age of the final expense insurance prospects.

As with any insurance lead door-knocking activities, the more doors you knock, the more presentations you make, the more likely you are at securing real prospects and converting them into sales for your final expense insurance business.

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Tips for Success at Final Expense Lead Appointments

As long as you are motivated, and have a good work ethic, you can find the success you need selling final expense insurance.

Usually, final expense leads will come from a number of sources.

  • Final Expense Leads from Facebook
  • Telemarketed Final Expense Leads
  • Final Expense Leads from Direct Mail Campaigns

Basic Rules For Lead Prospecting

Regardless of how you get your leads, make sure you follow these basic rules of final expense lead prospecting when you go to your appointments.

  1. You need to look professional – try to wear a lanyard as this can often add to a more credible appearance. People can often feel intimidated by a full suit and tie so try to get a balanced approach to this, and perhaps leave your tie and jacket at home or in the car.
  2. You need to put them at ease – people don’t like being sold to. Offer advice, help them to learn something they didn’t know before, and try to find common ground to help put them at ease quickly.
  3. Building trust and credibility – at the start of this post, we mentioned calling into the local funeral homes to get their updated pricing. Always take this with you to demonstrate to the client that you have taken the time to do your research. You need to make it easy for them to trust what you say and the easiest way to do this is by having proof to back-up your statements.
  4. Travel Lightly – don’t turn up to your appointment loaded up with paperwork, computers, and gadgets. Always be prepared for your technology to fail and carry a pen and paper with any relevant forms or questions printed off in advance.
  5. Represent Multiple Carriers – Underwriting will vary greatly in the final expense insurance world, and while one final expense insurance provider could deny a policy due to a health condition, another might overlook this and be more flexible. If you represent a range of final expense insurance companies, you have a far bigger net to cast in order to help you close more final expense leads. It also gives you the added benefit of being able to present a range of prices to your final expense prospects.

TIP: When you are presenting your final expense prospects with a price for their insurance, giving them a low, mid, and high pricing option will most likely result in them choosing the middle option. It also helps them feel like they are getting a choice and that they aren’t being pressured into anything.

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Selling Final Expense Insurance

Death isn’t a nice topic for anyone to talk about. Most people don’t want to think about it, and rightly so. As such, final expense leads prospecting isn’t a particularly inviting conversation that prospects want to easily enter into. However, as we all know, burial insurance can alleviate the burden that is already placed on a family when they lose a loved one. As such, people with families are notoriously good candidates when looking at the best final expense insurance leads.

Know Your Numbers

RECAMP Referral Increase IconWhether you are working a new area, or you have a dedicated patch, you should call into your local funeral home, and do this for the different areas you visit. Under the law, they need to provide you with a pricing list if this is requested, and once you have this information, keep hold of it!

One of the most typical objections people make when you talk to them about final expense insurance is that they don’t believe the cost to be that expensive. However, if you have the figures for the average funeral costs in the local area, this will give you the ability to demonstrate your credibility along with a more compelling presentation for why your final expense cover provides good value for money along with the reassurance that loved ones will not have to deal with additional stress during an already difficult period.

Door Knocking Vs. Telemarketing Final Expense Leads

There are many final expense insurance agents who will sell quite well without needing to know where to buy final expense leads. Working a list and door-knocking for final expense insurance sales can prove to be extremely effective. It is harder for people to be rude to your face when compared to over the phone, not in all cases admittedly, but this rule applies, more often than not. When compared with the results and number of presentations you get to have, door knocking for final expense leads is proven to be more effective.

Some final expense insurance agents will buy a list of leads from a vendor who will have already cleaned and updated the data for them. This process can save time and helps to avoid embarrassing issues when you call a number and find out the person you are asking for hasn’t actually lived there for five years! Another reason that buying final expense insurance leads from a vendor can be beneficial is that they will verify that all of the people on the list have not requested to be on the DNC list. The last thing you want to do is to end up in hot water by calling people who are on the Do Not Call register.

Direct Mail Final Expense Leads

These types of leads are usually highly effective as the prospecting has already taken place and they are expecting to hear back from you. They are regarded in the industry as the ‘bread and butter’ of final expense leads. They can offer some of the most compelling conversion rates as they will readily listen to your presentation, and if you do a good job, they are usually in a position where they are ready to buy.

Facebook Leads for Final Expense Prospecting

Final expense lead generation on Facebook can prove to be a low-cost way to generate leads for your insurance business. The key to using this platform for your final expense leads is to try different formats of adverts, use different messaging, place different call-to-actions within the ads, and to constantly keep analyzing the performance of your campaigns to know exactly what is and isn’t working.

If you have specific demographics for your final expense lead prospects, make sure these are utilized correctly. Another factor to consider is the times for when your final expense ads on Facebook are being displayed. The other key point is the geographical region you are using to target your prospects. All these combined can significantly impact the quality of leads you are generating, along with the volume of leads you are generating.

Final expense leads on Facebook can cost anything between $5-$30; as such, it presents an attractive option when compared to other lead sources such as direct mail and telemarketed leads for final expense.

In Summary

Final expense lead prospecting is a game of numbers, there are so many different channels and ways to generate new leads for your final expense insurance business.

You should never become dependent on a single source of leads.

Regardless of whether you are new to the sector or not, you can always benefit from trying out new channels to generate more new leads for your final expense insurance agents.

Make sure you have a compelling pitch to present to your final expense lead prospects and use a good lead management system to ensure you can keep firm control over your leads from multiple sources.

If you only use a single channel right now to generate final expense leads for your insurance business, try out some of those we have mentioned in this post, and always make sure you use a client referral system to incentivize your existing pool of clients to refer you new leads for your final expense business.

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