Complete Guide to Using Super Agent Tools

What is Super Agent Tools?

Super Agent Tools is an award-winning platform for insurance agents that provide an abundance of resources that are available on-demand, whenever and wherever they need them.

The ultimate goal of Super Agent Tools is to enable insurance agents to be able to produce more premiums to centralize the essential tools needed to help them perform in their roles.

Super Agent Tools has a quotation engine and provides a comprehensive and up to date product search engine along with easy to read product data sheets and accompanying resources in a singular platform.

What Are The Benefits Of Super Agent Tools?

Super Agent Tools provides extensive benefits to insurance agents. It puts all of the essential resources in a single location with a view to saving agents time and hassle.

It makes it easier to get access to the latest products, up to date pricing, and easy to use calculators all with the aim of helping agent to produce more premium.

  • Easy-Access Product Sheets
  • Handy Premium Calculators
  • Professional Training Presentations
  • Insurance Quotation Tool
  • Insurance Product Search Engine

Additional Reading:

Users of Super Agent Tools can search for more than 600 different annuities in an instant. Each individual policy detail is provided in a transparent and clear presentation.

Agents can quickly and effectively compare and evaluate policies without needing to undergo any training on the new products. The snapshot presentation style includes all of the below and more.

  • Issue age
  • Caps
  • Fees
  • Waivers
  • Income Rider Rates
  • State Approval
  • Commissions

Detailed Overview of ALL the Features of Super Agent Tools

The Product Search Engine

Covering Income Riders, Annuities, and Single Premium Life, the search engine of Super Agent Tools enables insurance agents to be able to search over 600 different annuities in an instant.

  • The level of detail that is displayed enables insurance agents to quickly and effectively summarize, evaluate, and compare products from within their platform.
  • They have added almost all product features onto the platform and made it very easy for agents to be able to perform a feature-based search.
  • This particular function proves extremely effective when there are specific policy benefits that prospects are interested in.
  • Super Agent tools offer a uniformed approach to the product presented which means agents can quickly and easily get accustomed to finding the information they need quickly.
  • The data and visuals used makes it easy for the agents to see the key information with ease.


The Super Agent Tools Client Management System simplifies the overall client data management process helping you to form, track, and manage effective client relations throughout your insurance agency.

Unlike other CMS systems, it is tailored to meet the needs of the insurance sector, and for all agents who need to focus on producing results, the SAT CMS supports the work before and after the sale.

It shows the various touch-points with the client in an instant and makes it easy for you to quickly import any contacts, sort clients into groups, and get started quickly with the effective management of your client based.

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On-Demand Training for Insurance Agents

The advanced insurance training on the Super Agent Tools platform covers life insurance, annuities, final expense, Universal life, IRA planning, Alternative Strategies, Indexed Annuity, Indexed Universal Life, and more.

It is constantly being developed to ensure it provides an increasingly attractive training platform for agents.

It offers ideas, tips for selling techniques, and delivers some of the most compelling presentations that are released from the best producers in the industry. In the insurance sector, knowledge is power; at the SAT platform puts this information easily at the fingertips of the insurance agents who use it.

It helps to accelerate the learning curve of insurance agents and helps them to keep producing a faster pace than others who may not such easy access to these resources.

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Seminars and Training for Insurance Agents

Ready to Roll Seminars

The Seminar System is another key Sales Agent Tools Feature that offers agents access to bite size workshops that each last for an hour.

These playable tutorials mean agents can watch, learn, and play out some of the tips and techniques that are presented prior to presenting to prospects.

If you want a quick and easy way to position yourself as a credible industry-expert, and even get the handouts created for you to help you convert to seminar attendees into appointments, this is a superb resource that makes it quick and easy to hold successful and compelling seminars.

Hierarchy Management and Production Tracking

SAT will also track each agents productivity and production activities. It offers a breakdown by carrier visual that presents lots of useful information in a visually appealing way. This details:

  • The number of premiums sold
  • The total premium value
  • A breakdown of premium by carrier (as a % and a total premium value)
  • Production by month

For any insurance agents that may wish to understand exactly where their premiums are coming from. For any agencies who may have sub-producers, it is easy to be able to view the sales by each individual agent as well.

Carrier Analysis

The reporting system within Super Agent Tools will allow any agent to be able to view single or multiple companies for a quick evaluation of a number of key features. This includes:

  • Risk-Based Capital Ratio
  • COMDEX Ranking
  • Bond Portfolio Performance
  • Non-Performing Asset Data

In addition to the above-ranking information, agents can access the website addresses, contact information, and other key details for each of the insurance companies listed.

Again, one of the most compelling factors of this section is the level of detail that this drills down into. These comparisons often provide insurance agents with the information they need to give to give them an edge over the competition. Continue reading about Agent Lead Generation programs.


The resources section within the Super Agent Tools platform is immense. In a single place, insurance agents can get full access to Life, Annuities, Final Expense, Marketing, Calculators, Training Documentation, Advanced Markets Information, Presentations for Consumers, Seminar Data and so much more.

The benefits of having all this data in a single location covering a huge range of carriers are without question a massive time saver; it also helps agents stay organized and always be prepared for questions that may arise.

  • Insurance company supplies
  • Consumer leaflets
  • Fact-finding forms
  • Sales brochures
  • Call to Action Newsletter templates

From a professional development perspective, there is always training and seminars information in the Super Agent Tools platform, enabling agents to become the master of their own knowledge and to advance themselves whenever they make the time to do so.

The information contained within Super Agent Tools is kept updated to ensure that agents always have access to the most up to date policy documentation. The calculators make it easy to be able to produce pricing strategies quickly and easily.

Presentation resources for Insurance agents

Consumer-Ready Presentations

Super Agent Tools offer insurance agents the ability to stay ahead of the curve, giving them access to the latest information and resources in the industry. The next step after learning about this is to present these effectively to your prospects.

With SAT consumer-ready presentations, the work is already done for you. You can download compelling presentations in an instant, saving you preparation time and make sure you have professional presentations that are also available to be present directly from a mobile device of your choosing.

You can easily pivot between the calculators and the presentations to help give you a competitive edge and a seamless sales process when attending face to face appointments with your prospects.

SAT Illustration Tools

The team at Super Agent Tools have developed a range of concept-driven illustration tools that have been proven to help insurance agents and their marketing functions to quickly and effectively calculate and present compelling data to prospects to help them close more premiums.

Some of these tools present data on tax-deferred benefits, income planning, ROTH IRA conversion, and many more.

One of the most-loved aspects of these Super Agent Tools features is the functionality it offers that means insurance agents can make a lightning-quick comparison between market-leading income rider quotes in a single location.

The most compelling benefit of this is the time it saves agents. As and when any new opportunities become available, new calculations are developed instantly which empowers the agents to know they are getting access to the most convincing and competitive stats. Continue Additional Reads – Complete Guide to Final Expense Lead Prospecting for Insurance Agents

Advanced Market Resource Section

Sales Agent Tools also provides a range of advanced market resources that are often hard to find outside of the platform and are not freely published online.

As any agent will know all too well, when difficult questions arise during appointments, getting the answers to those questions quickly and easily can sometimes make the difference between being able to close on the day or having to postpone until certain questions are answered.

This section will provide answers to some of the most challenging questions that can be presented on a range of complex advanced planning issues. This includes:

  • Charitable Giving
  • Business Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • And More!


Sales Agents Tools is a dynamic source of insurance agent tools and resources that are updated constantly.

It forms part of the everyday infrastructure that agents can depend on as a constant source of useful information that serves to help shorten the sales cycle, keep insurance agents up to date, provide useful tools to help agents perform better, and maximize their performance across the board.

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