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At our Agency Growth Events , we will show you how to add at least 30 additional Realtors and Lenders sending you all their referrals over the next 60 days; how to build Realtor and Lender loyalty and set yourself apart from other Insurance Agents in your community. With our revolutionary system, you will be shown all the tools needed to partner with Realtors and Lenders to grow your business faster than you have ever thought possible!

So You Want to Be an Insurance Agent by Jeff Hastings coverMy agents have used a program called RECAMP for over eight years now. We have not found a better program on the market to generate referrals from Realtors and lenders.

Jeff Hastings
So You Want to Be an Insurance Agent

Find Out How

  • To have 30 additional Realtors and Lenders committed to sending you all of their quality referrals within the next 60 days.
  • To build your Agency strictly using the referrals you get from Realtors and Lenders.
  • To market your personal brand, and not your company, using our PowerMarketing.

Also Find Out

  • How your business cards are losing you business.
  • Why you should never give a Realtor or Lender a referral.
  • How Realtors and Lenders are taught to get rid of Agents.
  • Why Realtors and Lenders say working with Agents using RECAMP is a “no-brainer”.

Our Program Includes

  • All the tools and training to obtain a minimum of 30 additional Realtor & Lender referrals in the next 60 days.
  • Scripts, outlines, on-demand training, and live and recorded webinars.
  • Unlimited one-on-one coaching is provided for all Agents participating in RECAMP.
  • Training calls tailored to building your business generating you more Realtor and Lender referrals than you ever thought possible.

Our exclusive system, RECAMP, grows both your business and a Realtor’s or Lender’s business together; it makes you the most valuable member of their team and them a complimentary part of yours. RECAMP was developed using the fundamentals of marketing and reciprocity, combining with them industry statistics about Realtors’ and Lenders’ biggest weaknesses and how to use those weaknesses to your advantage to get you all of their referrals for as long as they are in the industry.

It truly is a win-win for everyone involved!

Still Not Convinced?

If you CAN’T answer the question asked in this video then you must to attend our event.

In over fifteen years, no one has ever been able to answer this question, including top Insurance Agents all over the country, their managers, and their company trainers.


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