You may have heard that sending direct mail has fallen out of favor as an effective way to market your business and products, but you may be surprised to learn that more people still open their mailbox than they do their email inboxes on a daily basis. That’s right—whether it’s bills, coupons, or other information, people tend to open the physical mail that comes through their doors over email communications and online sales pitches. Here are some reasons why direct mail works better than you might think, and why you should consider adding this old-school marketing strategy to your business toolkit today!

Benefits of Marketing with Cards

According to a Harris Interactive poll, more people open direct mail than they do email blasts — that’s why it works better for marketing. Direct mail can be an incredible way to get noticed by your audience. There are several benefits of sending direct mail

Easy Ways to Send Cards Online

Your friends and family may not have time for a lengthy phone call or a stop-in visit, but they’ll have some time for a quick email or text message. Of course, with so many other communication options out there (social media, texting, Snapchat…), your digital note might not always be opened immediately. That’s why one of the best ways to share news and updates is with an old-fashioned letter: direct mail.

Creative Types of Greeting Cards

If you’re a creative type and have a flair for design, there are various ways to make greeting cards online. If you have an idea for what kind of card you want to send – whether it’s a thank-you card or congratulatory one – you can use simple templates on sites like Vistaprint or Shutterfly. You can also choose from thousands of pre-made designs on websites like Zazzle and Etsy.

Tips For Writing a Good Card Message

Have a message. Think about what you want people to take away from your card. Keep it short and sweet. The main text of your message should be short—about 60 words or less—so that people can read your note quickly before moving on to other items in their mailbox. Listing an email address or URL at the bottom of a postcard is okay if they’re related topics. But don’t use up valuable space with that information in an already-tight design.

Choose The Right Card Type For Your Business

When you send a card as part of your marketing plan, it’s more important than ever that you make sure that you choose a card type that works for your business. For example, some types of businesses are better suited for direct mailings because these types of businesses are typically less personal and involve transactions more often. Examples of great businesses for direct mail include financial advisors and real estate agents.