Selling insurance policies to the general public can be quite lucrative. However, attracting attention in this highly-competitive industry can be difficult. Successful insurance agents understand the importance of connecting with consumers on social media platforms like Facebook. Business owners around the United States spend over $9 billion a year on Facebook advertising. 

If you want to get noticed on this popular social media platform, you have to post new content daily. Using different post types to capture and keep the attention of your audience is not easy. Below are some post ideas you need to use when trying to generate more insurance leads with your Facebook page. 

1. Use Website Blogs to Educate Your Audience

Are you trying to create a digital presence for your insurance agency? If so, the first thing you need to do is invest in a new website. Using this website to inform and engage with potential clients is a must. One of the main things your website will need to be successful is a regularly updated blog. Publishing blogs designed to educate the general public about the importance of various insurance policies is vital. 

Once you have written and published a new blog, advertising it on your Facebook page is imperative. By doing this, you can drive traffic from Facebook to your website. Making sure it is easy for visitors to your website to contact you or a member of your staff is crucial. At the end of each blog, put a call to action designed to move readers further into your sales funnel. 

2. Create Landing Pages for Your Audience

When developing a Facebook marketing campaign, you have to define your audience. If you want to create leads using Facebook, you have to retool the content on your website. For instance, if you are trying to inform consumers about a particular policy, take the time to create landing pages on your website. 

A landing page is a piece of digital content designed to inform readers about a particular policy or topic. This landing page should feature things like contact forms and social share buttons. Asking the readers of the landing page to contact your company with the help of this form is wise. The more people you convince to fill out the contact forms, the easier it will be to generate more revenue and higher conversions. 

3. Keep the 80/20 Rule in Mind

One of the main things insurance agents are confused by when it comes to Facebook posts is what type of content to share. Most social media experts agree that sticking to the 80/20 rule is the best way to remove the guesswork related to creating and publishing posts. Posting engaging and entertaining content 80% of the time and sales-driven content, the other 20% can be effective. 

Get More Referrals 

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