At this event, you will be given what you need to partner with minimum of 10 Realtors and/or Lenders, having them sending you all of their quality referrals within 60 days. RECAMP, our comprehensive and revolutionary system, sets you apart from other Agents in your community. It allows you to build Realtor & Lender confidence; it makes you the most valuable member of their team!

RECAMP is Truly a Win-Win

At this event, you will learn how to grow your business faster than you ever thought possible! You will do this by solidifying your relationship with your Realtor & Lender referral partners and <em>developing your personal brand</em>. RECAMP ues the fundamentals of marketing and reciprocity combined with real estate and mortgage industry statistics. It lets you capitalize on those Realtors' & Lenders' biggest weaknesses.


  • How to have 30 Realtors or Lenders partner with you and committed to sending you all of their referrals within 60 days.
  • How to build and grow your business to levels never imagined using only the referrals from those partners.
  • Why your business card is losing you money and how to market yourself using a marketing campaign designed to build your personal, and not your company's, brand.


  • Why Realtors & Lenders say working with Agents using RECAMP is a “no-brainer”.
  • Why you should never give a Realtor or Lender a referral.

RECAMP Provides

  • Webinars, scripts, and outlines for getting started.
  • On-demand training and tips available exclusively to all of our clients.
  • Access to KardSystems, our secure online tracking software.

Coaching Calls

  • They are tailored to helping you build your agency and your personal brand.
  • They allow you to learn tips and tricks from other Agents using RECAMP.
  • Participating will help you become a top Agent in your area.


  • KardSystems makes getting started a breeze!
  • Allows you to manage your Realtor & Lender partners.
  • Automates keeping you in touch with your referral partners.
  • Tracks which referral partner(s) gave you which referrals.

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