Real estate lead generation has always been a hot topic with realtors and mortgage lenders.  Gone are the days of endless hours spent by realtors and mortgage lenders in the old school marketing techniques of aggressive door knocking or cold-calling.  The internet has become a focus point for realtors looking to generate solid real estate sales leads.

With fierce competition and buyers and sellers ‘shopping around’ before choosing someone to represent them, realtors now need to offer free tools such as user friendly websites that are about the client, not about the realtor.  

Below are 5 tips how realtors and mortgage lenders can increase their real estate lead generation. Not only will these tips increase the amount and quality of real estate sales leads, but they will also show realtors and mortgage lenders how to convert leads into sales.

1. Get high placement in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Most buyers and sellers start their searches here, and you need to have high ranking websites! This can be accomplished by having separate websites for buyers and sellers.  Using search criteria that is different for buyers than for sellers means that you need to have high ranking websites for both types of clients.

2. Offer free services with your websites.

Do not make free service offers about you, make them about your clients! 

3. Go above and beyond.

A free daily email of new listings and price adjustments is great, but follow up with personal emails! Do not forget about them after you have them on your email list.

4. Make your website very user friendly.

When searching for a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) in a certain area sellers do not want to navigate through numerous pages of your website just to spend time composing a long email about their home. They want a basic template where they fill in the fields. A user friendly website is a great tool for real estate lead generation.

5. Offer free Buying and Selling tools to your clients.

Most buyers and sellers do a great deal of independent research before choosing to work with a realtor. Get the upper edge on your competition by offering a free eBook.

In order to separate yourself, you should explore different options.  Today, with buyers and sellers shopping online, internet marketing is the way of the future and YOU NEED to put yourself in front of them. You could be the best realtor or mortgage lender in your market, but without the proper tools you will continue to struggle.

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