Ellis Agency Insurance wants to remind everyone in Florida to get prepared for the Atlantic hurricane season that will begin soon. Home and vehicle owners can find out more about Ellis Agency Insurance by heading over to its website at ellisagency.net/.

A spokesperson for the company talks about the steps needed to prepare for hurricane season by saying, “Ellis Agency Insurance is recommending 5 clear actionable steps for making sure that residents are ready to bear the brunt of the harsh weather that is expected to make its way inland soon. Preemptively preparing yourselves will not only protect your property but will also help you avoid harm to your own self and the ones you love the most. Once you have followed these steps and have done all that you can, and want to make sure that you are also financially secured from the effects of the hurricane, give us a call. We will help you find the best insurance plans to make sure you weather the storm unscathed and come out the other end safe and secure.”

The first recommendation from Ellis Agency Insurance is to make sure to have a plan in place. Making a list of all the steps that have to be taken and blocking time to check off everything on the list is the best way to stay motivated and ensure that no important step is missed. It also helps one contextualize the amount of work and keeps one on their toes until it is done. The best way to create such a list is to research all the ways that a hurricane can damage property and then narrowing down the tasks that are applicable to one’s own situation.

The next step is to secure the home’s exterior. If the property has plenty of trees, then the best way to ensure they don’t become a hazard in strong winds is to have a safety audit performed by a certified arborist that can trim, prune, and remove the weak parts of the trees that are likely to break off during a storm. Furniture, pots, toys, and other decorative elements from the yard must be brought in and kept in storage. Windows should be shuttered or they should be boarded up with plywood to protect them from flying debris. Cars should be moved to the garage or at least moved away from trees or poles that might get uprooted during a storm. Those looking for quotes on insuring their property can do so on the Ellis Agency Insurance website at ellisagency.net/get-a-quote.

Once the home’s exterior is secured, the homeowners should pay attention to all the items inside the home that are not safely secured to the floor. Any loose items hanging off the walls or placed on shelves should be tucked away in a closet or the basement. Homeowners also need to make sure that, in case of a worst-case scenario, all important documents such as personal identification, deeds, legal documents, birth certificates, and the ilk are kept together in a binder that always stays under their watchful eye.

The next step is preparing a survival kit that includes items such as first aid, dry foods, canned foods, plenty of water, tools, toiletries, batteries, blankets, and anything else that might be required if the home doesn’t survive nature’s onslaught. It might be a long time before help arrives and it is critical that the family have enough food and water stashed away to face the worst.


Finally, if the property allows it, the homeowner should identify a room of the house that can serve as shelter. Usually, this is going to be the home’s basement as it has no windows and is secured from all sides. Careful attention should be paid to the entry to the shelter room as it has to withstand the might of a hurricane to protect those within.

Ellis Agency Insurance is offering a full report on things homeowners and vehicle owners need to do to prepare that can be requested for free at ellisagency.net/contact.


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