While a business may have the best referral marketing program in place, it is vital to also understand how to organize them, respond to them and benefit from them. Learning some of the industry’s best practices in referral program management can be incredibly beneficial in the short and long term to your business.

Referral Approaches
In addition to the management and organization of a referral marketing program, it is vital to hone an approach system for prospective consumers. Here are the main types:

Proactive Approach. Proactive approaches include attending networking events, attending seminars, registering for online referral programs, and more. The proactive approach can also include how an individual approaches their employees about possible referral ideas, as well as future goals.

Residual Approach. A more passive approach to a referral marketing program is a rewards scheme. While this may seem to be an active approach, the activity stops once the program is created and implemented. From then on, it is a matter of collection and responses. Using online or offline methods for the residual approach are both possible, and are best determined by a business’s possibilities and its geo-location.

In our modern world, the best referral approach is most likely a generous mixture of the two. While networking with individuals using a word-of-mouth style is an old school scheme that rarely fails, the rewards program also offers a tried-and-true system of customer referrals.

Response Approaches
Today, it is not enough to have a referral marketing program that leads your referrals to nowhere. Collecting referrals by itself does little good for any business. The key to gaining converted customers from referrals is in a business’s response time and approach.

Rapid Response. When a business receives referrals, respond to them immediately. Whether the referrals require an email, letter, or in person response matters little. The key is to have a system in place before you begin a referral marketing program on how to respond to each type of referral you will receive and in which manner.

Rewards Response. If you have brought in referrals through a rewards program, make sure that your first response to to allow the referrer to either supply the reward, or consult with them about the reward if it allows or requires consumer personalization. Do not approach your new referrals with a sales technique before they have received their promised rewards.

Referral Program Organization
In our digital world options for referral marketing programs organization are endless. Utilize every method available to your business to ensure top-notch organization and rewards from these valuable referral programs.

Multiple Submission Platforms. Eliminate wasted time and disorganization possibilities by making sure your employees have multiple options for submitting and managing referrals. Email, phone, text and web communications should always be easy to access.

Document Creation, Sharing and Backup. There are many online platforms that allow for document creation and sharing across the board or scope of your employee base. If your business is more established, you likely have an existing Content Management System (CMS) to manage your resources. Have your referral system integrated in this for quick access as well. Always use a backup system to protect your business’s referral base.

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