Let’s discuss the process ad respurces available to generate real estate leads. Online everything appears to be a forever global trend. That ‘everything’ definitely includes the real estate industry. This online truth requires that real estate businesses, companies and agents utilize newer marketing platforms to successfully move the real estate lead to a listing, that listing to a sale, and those elated real estate clients to referral sources.

Below we have provided tips for generating real estate leads.

First, as previously stated — Social Media Marketing. Here’s the social media basics:

1. Listing properties on social media is very easy. Simply copy the URL of the property listing that you are trying to sell, then paste and post it on your personal and/or company Facebook page. This action will result in displaying your property to everyone who liked your page or to those who are in contact with you.

2. Posting regular articles and updates about your business and industry will position you as a reputable real estate agent with great knowledge and authority.

3. Facebook is one of the best sources for lead generation. There are several social media strategies designed to engage and encourage the user to provide his/her contact information through a simple form. This may be fulfilled in exchange for a free home evaluation or a list of foreclosed homes in a particular area.

4. Social Media marketing provides advertisers with the tools and options to target users geographically, demographically, as well as by interest. Social media marketing campaigns, when designed and implemented properly, can result in providing a large number of leads at an affordable cost.

5. Twitter is another alternative mode of Social Media for advertising. What is significant about it is that it costs are considerably lower than Facebook.

6. LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for business networking. Building a network on LinkedIn can help you generate solid leads. As they say “Your network is your net worth”.

The next real estate lead generator is ‘Video’. Below are the How To(s) for real estate video marketing:

1. Creating and posting client video testimonials stating your expertise, achievements, why should people do business with you rather than with your competitors. Including informative real estate tips can have a tremendous positive impact on increasing the chances of those visiting your webpage to reach out to you.

2. Once you have created a video clip you can use the videos to advertise on Google’s display network which includes YouTube and Facebook video ads. Those video clips can also be shared and promoted on several social media networks.

Blogging is the next real estate lead generator. Here are a few blogging insights:

1. Nowadays knowing how to write a good blog has become a very important solution for almost all successful online property marketing. Blogs have proven to be effective in generating leads. Posting at least one blog per month is a must to secure its effectiveness. Blogs provide you with the opportunity to appear on more relevant real estate search terms and provide your current and potential clients with helpful information that will ultimately increase their loyalty and trust.

Now to the almighty lead generator for the real estate industry — Real Estate SEO. Here are the SEO tips:
1. SEO is the ability to optimize a real estate website to appear on the top ten search results for relevant real estate keywords, such as “Real Estate Agent in Montreal” and “Homes for Sale in Laval”. Make sure that the title, headlines, and content of your website includes relevant real estate keywords.

2. A Good SEO practice is to constantly build links to your website. You can do that by hiring an SEO agency or make time every week to work on getting quality websites link to yours preferably related to the real estate industry.

Finally, we have provided some ideas regarding Real Estate Web Design Layout and Features:

1. When you give away your business cards to potential clients they are more likely to visit your website before they even consider calling or sending you an email. Therefore it is crucial that your Real Estate Web Design is professionally designed and clearly presents the properties being advertised for sale as well as the value you provide to your customers. Your real estate agent website should be easy to use with a visible menu to help users navigate the site.

2. It should have several lead capture forms on most if not all pages.

3. Let your potential clients know that you have tremendous experience selling real estate properties in their cities or areas.

4. Write an interesting meet the team page comprised of fun and creative paragraphs about each member in your team. Make sure to deliver a strong message that you and your team are capable of helping clients buy or sell real estate while making their entire real estate experience easy and enjoyable.

5. If the majority of your business comes from certain communities make sure you list any community work you have done in these communities.

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