When was the last time you mailed someone a physical card? When was the last time you were shocked by receiving one?

Do People Still Send Cards?

For better or worse, sending greeting cards is no longer a norm in society. In fact, studies have shown that over half of all holiday cards are now sent electronically. If you’re one of those people who just hasn’t been able to let go of that piece of your childhood, keep reading for some great tips on how you can incorporate paper into your holiday season! To start, you’ll need a new printer.

Is it expensive?

If you’re sending a card to someone out of state, then yes it can be quite expensive. However, you can avoid most of these costs by sending cards online. When you send cards through an online service, you get all kinds of benefits that simply aren’t available if you’re just going to a store and purchasing something at face value

How do I send an e-card?

If you’re on a computer, card sending is as easy as typing in your friend’s e-mail address and hitting send. However, if you own an Apple device, you can make things even easier by downloading an app like Greeting Card Factory. From there, it’s just a matter of picking out which card you want to send—and sending! It’s simple enough for any computer user.

What kind of e-cards are there?

If you’re going to send cards online, it’s important that you have a sense of what kinds of options are available. Luckily, most card sites will highlight their best categories for you so that you don’t waste time and energy trying to find what you want.

What makes good e-cards?


If you’ve never heard of e-cards, you’re definitely not alone; most people use physical cards and gifts for holidays and birthdays. For example, people are more likely to send one another greeting cards on Valentine’s Day than they are any other day. However, in recent years—particularly with social media becoming more ubiquitous—there’s been a growing movement toward sending e-cards on certain days (like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day) instead of physical ones.


Tips on sending happy birthday e-cards

Sending an e-card is a great way to celebrate a birthday, especially if you live in different countries. However, sending an e-card can sometimes be a little difficult. If you don’t know how to send an e-card for someone who lives in another country, then it may be difficult for them because not everyone knows how to find one.