Every business in every industry needs a good marketing program. When you depend on new leads and clients, making sure that you’re going about marketing yourself the best way matters. If you make sure and stay on top of marketing trends, then you have nothing to worry about.

You need to make sure that you learn as much as you can about lead generation and what is working in the insurance world. So many insurance companies are failing to adapt to the ever-changing marketing hacks, and it is causing them to lose out on new leads more than ever before. So many insurance companies are stuck in the past, so when their clients move on to someone else, they struggle to gather new ones. It’s very important to know what is currently working, and what could stop working at any time.

  1. Referral Marketing

One of the most powerful insurance marketing tools are your customers.

Shoppers who are referred by someone else are 4x more likely to convert, showing just how effective their recommendations are, and that being said, clients who are loyal to your insurance ageny are 4x more likely to refer a you. These are statistics that speak for themselves. If you are not working on your referral marketing, then you are losing money. So, a common question is “What are referral programs?” I understand that when you’re driving down the street, you don’t see brick and mortar building advertising “Referral programs here!” so let me give an example of a referral program, recamp.com offers a turn key referral program that does all of the work for you. There is no other program that I have found that offers such a wonderful solution to generating referrals. At recamp, they send hand signed greeting cards to clients, to make sure that they don’t forget the agents name, and they definietly don’t forget to refer them.

2. Online Reviews

I am totally aware of all of the fake reviews that are out there now, and I understand that many insurance companies can be hard to beat when it comes to the 1000’s of 5 stars that they have, but it is definitely worth asking your clients to leave you reviews, because it shoots of your SEO more than it would believe. You need to be asking your clients for reviews, not so other people can read them, but so that your SEO can start working for itself.

3. Social media ads

I know, I know, social media ads are extremely annoying and they bug you when you’re just trying to scroll through Facebook at night, but I am telling you, if you start running ads and retarget those people that showed interest in them, it will be worth it.

Hope these help!