When it comes to marketing yourself as an insurance agent, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. When you are an insurance agent, you need to be aware of the roll that you play in the universe. You need to be aware of what people automatically think of insurance agents right off the bat.. I am not saying that everyone thinks the same thing about insurance agents as they do about used car salesman.. but they kind of do.

It’s very important that when you start marketing yourself as a insurance agent, that you market yourself as a trustworthy human. If you don’t already know, people have become immune to marketing and advertising hacks. People know when they are being marketed to, and it is an absolute turn off as a consumer to be marketed to by an insurance agent. Whatever method that you decide to try, you need to keep the markety stuff away. It’s important that your potential clients see that you are an actual person, and not just trying to steal their money.

There are a lot of ways to go about showing potential clients who you actually are, and you’d be surprised how well they work.

Here are some tips and ideas of how to market yourself as an insurance agent that you can take into consideration.

Stop cold-calling. Cold calling does not work in situations like this. Often times, the only people that are fooled by cold calls are very, very young people, or very, very old people, and the chances of you actually getting paid by them is very slim. Cold calling gives people the wrong impression about you right off the bat. I can guarantee you that the clients that you already have do not want to be cold-called by you in the middle of a Tuesday, and I can tell you that no one is going to want to hire you that receives a random call from you wanting you to take their money. Wrong first impression right off the bat, that is a STRONG tip when it comes to insurance agent marketing.

Another tip.. Cancel the bulk email provider that you have… You pay for mail chimp to sit down in your office, type out all of these emails, add in your contacts, and YOU NEVER CHECK THEM AGAIN and guess what… All those people that you added into that campaign are absolutely not checking them either LOL.

One more.. Texts.. Now, this can be tricky. It’s all about how you construct your text messages, and if you do it the wrong way, it has the same effect as cold-calling, a negative one.
Texting someone, asking them to hire you is kind of weird. How did you get their number? How do you know who I am? There are a lot of weird things that go with texting..

Now this, though, is a win-win. Direct mail marketing, done correctly, can be the absolute most beneficial thing that you can do for your business. There is a HUGE difference in sending out post cards vs greeting cards, and what you put in those greeting cards matters too. If you are sending out a mass mailing to every one of your old clients, or even to new clients, what you say in them matters.

There are so many things I can tell you to stay away from when is comes to insurance agent marketing. Let’s talk about digital marketing as an insurance agent.. Specifically Facebook Ads. When it comes to digital ads.. They are so hit or miss. More on digital ads in the next post…


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