Why can’t we all know the ways insurance agents get leads in today’s 2020 world? Well …. perhaps a more pertinent and timely question would be to ask how insurance agents can get ‘quality’ insurance leads today?
While the historic methods of referrals, networking, and the like remain reliable sources for business leads today, perhaps the greatest opportunities for insurance lead generation is the internet. Although highly competitive, combining a tracking software with websites is a logical and easy method of insurance lead generation.

Let’s expand beyond the worldwide web for insurance leads, and focus on buying insurance leads. Buying insurance leads is a way of getting more data and prospects for your insurance business. The cost of buying insurance leads will depend on the type of insurance you offer, along with the method used to generate the leads, but the anticipated cost to buy insurance leads is between $20 – $50.

There are pros and cons about paid lead generation programs. Here are a few things to consider:
1. Not all types of insurance sales are suited to paid lead generation programs. If you focus on a particular geographic area or a niche insurance product, look for a lead generation agency with a track record in this specific area or niche

1. Make sure that you always try out new services, exercising due diligence and performing quality testing. Agencies will use a range of tools and techniques for lead generation. Remember, similar to other business methods, the result sought is to make money.
2. Do not overcommit in the beginning. Regardless of an insurance lead generation agency reputation and credentials, you should always undergo a trial period to make sure you are happy with their service and the quality of the leads they are producing for you.

3. Consider your personal flexibility needs when negotiating any business contracts. Perhaps one month or quarter you would like them to generate more insurance leads for your agency, then you need to ensure that your agreement allows for this flexibility.

4. A solid and meticulous lead follow-up process can sometimes be just as important as the lead itself. Working your leads correctly and on time is key. Make sure you use some form of lead tracking and lead management system or process to ensure this is done properly.

Paid leads cost money, but will save you time. As long as you look after your new clients, it may lead to future business for many years to come.

Determining the right solution for your business will be learned from the numbers — you will either be generating an acceptable cost per sale or you will not. As with all successful insurance marketing strategies, a blended approach could work best. Using a mixture of paid for leads and internal sales lead generation is a great way to proceed.

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