The 2020’s is a challenging time not to mention the insurance industry has flooded the market by storm with so many consumer choices, it is very confusing to know which independent insurance agency to work with or not.
Independent insurance brokers, insurance agents, insurance companies working solely on referrals is long and gone. It will be necessary to strategize a true marketing strategy in order to maintain a full sales pipeline of insurance leads.

Here are just a few quick affordable and easy ways o try and generate some additional insurance referrals and leads for your insurance practice.
• Promote a website and apply organic SEO.
• Post free to Social-Media such as FaceBook and Twitter
• Network with companies that have a joint interest need and pipeline of referral leads.
• Sen out monthly newsletters to contacts you have previously worked with.
• Write and post blogs to your site monthly.
• Post card marketing.

Here is an insurance lead generation checklist that will list some of the marketing solutions for the insurance industry.
• Updated website.
• Create single page landing pages with its’ own independent URL.
• Make sure your local insurance agency is signed u for Google My Business/Google Maps.
• Understand Google analytics and install on website.
• Organic Insurance “SEO” search engine optimization marketing for Google, Yahoo and Bing.
• Depending on your budget, Google ad FaceBook “PPC” Pay-Per-Clicl Adsense.
• Blog writing and blogging on a monthly steady basis.
• Webinars.
• Local Tradeshows and community events to increase local brand awareness and reputation.
• Email lead generation marketing.
• Ask for testimonials and place on website.
• Monthly newsletter distribution
• Press releases and local news personal interest stories.
• Create online brochures.

There are many other marketing solutions to consider however this author with suggest a starting point by planning out a true marketing strategy and budget that will comfortably allow you to justify your investment to continue on a steady basis your marketing program.
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