The age old question – Referral Marketing


We all love referral based businesses.. There is something about them that makes them seem like a real hard earned business. 


So the question is, how do you go about marketing referrals? 


There are lots of ways to perform referral marketing. 


You can simply ask your clients to refer you.. See how well that works. 


You can cold call your clients randomly and hope that they pick up and then ask them for a referral. That way you’ll actually probably lose a customer because they don’t want to be solicited by you after they already spent their money at your establishment. 


You can send out texts to your clients often, I do feel like this does work a little better, because your clients feel less solicited, and they have actual material that they can easily copy as paste the message and send it out. 


You can hand out discounts to your clients for referring you, and I think this option works great, however, you aren’t making as much money as you possibly can, and then..


There’s our program. Our program keeps subtle communication with your clients throughout the year in a way that always keeps you at the top of your clients minds using direct mail. 


There is a lot of different routes to take when you decide to start putting effort into your referral marketing.. Which.. You should be doing it. There is no greater sales plan than using your past clients as leverage. You take people that already trust you and want to spend their money from you, and you use them as an influencer for their friends and family. Think about it, if you aren’t using your past clients as a part of your referral marketing plan, you are missing out on so many new clients. 


I think that it’s an art to figure out the best algorithm to talk to your clients about referring you to their contacts, and we’ve had 20 years of experience in that field. It’s important that you don’t try and solicit your clients too often, and you definitely don’t want to make contact with them too little, because I promise you that they will forget your name and the name of your business. 


When you decide you are ready to make an effort when it comes to referral marketing, call us, it’s the best possible decision in 2022.