If you are in the P & C insurance, you know the influences that social media marketing has on your business. By now, most people in any business line have heard of the “magic ratio” for professional Facebook pages. This concept has been all the rage over the last few years, promoting the idea that Facebook posts should be 80% interesting content and 20% sales content. 


While following posting rations such as this one may work well for various types of businesses, it may have unintended negative consequences when it comes to selling insurance. Sticking to such a practice in social media may result in the loss of your most loyal clients. After all, who wants to see “Call us for a FREE quote” repeatedly in their news feed? 


Your agency will need to optimize your presence on Facebook to your best ability to remain competitive in today’s digital market. With a few key points to keep in mind, your agency can use all of your Facebook posts to sell your product without alienating your current or potential clients. 


Post About Savings

Almost everyone can use some pointers when it comes to saving money. Consider writing a large part of your posts about new, interesting, or unexpected ways people can save money. In essence, you tell your readers how they can save money with your product, but you are doing it in a less obtrusive manner. Think real stories, real people. Engaging your followers will ultimately lead to greater interest in what you have to say and to sell. 


Post The Competition

Transparency goes a long way in winning the loyalty of clients and securing the business of new clientele. Don’t shy away from posting competitors’ products when you can use the material to showcase how your plans stand out among the rest. Being unafraid to match your product against that of competitors shows you are confident in your product and what it can do for clients. 


Offer Real Rewards

Instead of throwing out quote after quote, which has the potential to overwhelm your followers, offer different types of rewards for getting a quote with your agency. You can even take it a step further to only offer rewards for certain types of quotes, for referring potential clients to your business, or for any means by which can set your agency apart from the deluge of information that crosses newsfeeds.


Professional Marketing Assistance

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