I often wonder what it is like to market in different agencies. I know real estate marketing is much different than marketing a detailing company, but I have learned that a lot of different industries often use the same marketing hacks. 


Except for one, insurance marketing.


It’s a known fact that when you start out as an insurance agent you automatically get a bad rep, or a “salesman” rep that no one wants.. Have you ever been compared to a used car salesman? That shit is not easy to hear…


Being an insurance agent, though, is not as easy as people think it is. There is years and years of learning that goes into becoming an insurance agent, and when you finally land a job as one, you then have to overcome the obstacle of how to market yourself without looking sleazy. 


People need insurance! And people need insurance agents to sell them insurance! 


People need cars, and they need car salesmen to sell them to them!


The thing about insurance agent marketing is, you need to present yourself in your truest form – if you actually are a sleazy insurance agent that will do anything for money, show it, but if you aren’t.. Then you need to find the correct way to let the public know that you are someone that they can trust to sell them their insurance.. 


Now we all know the stigma surrounding ad campaigns, and how everyone hates them no matter what platform they see them on.. But they aren’t always as bad as people make them out to be. There are some ads that are able to genuinely show what kind of insurance agent that you are, and it just takes a little bit of digging to find out how to make it work. 


However, there are other ways that ads to promote your self as an insurance agent..


Have you tried direct mail? I definitely think it is something that you need to look into, and not only will it bring you new leads, but it will also heighten your retention rates. 


It’s 2022, it’s time to nail down the way you do insurance marketing.