So, after I have debunked the thought of having to spend your days writing SEO until your fingers bleed, and I pretty much told you that you can’t go after the same people that your competitors go after, and I told you that you need to simplify the method.

Let me tell you something about insurance marketing, that you are not going to want to hear at first, but by the time that you’re done reading I hope that you will believe me. When you are trying everything that you can to get yourself in front of your audience eyes. Some of us start to lose site of why they wanted to start a business in the first place. We start to think more like a used-car salesman rather than a business owners. I’ve said in my other posts, do you remember when people shopped at certain businesses because they respected the family and the owners so much that they were loyal to them? People used to say things like ‘They are good people” Have you noticed that all of those “good people” are out of business? Now, I understand that the world changes rapidly, and its a dog eat dog world, and I don’t think that it will ever change, and I am okay with that, but have you taken a step back and watched yourself turn into one of those salesman rather than an honest business owner?

Here’s the deal, though, and hear me out, what if you took a step back from trying to get in the rest of the world, and think “If I went back to marketing an old school way, wouldn’t that make me stand out?” I know that sounds too good to be true, but when it comes to insurance marketing, no body is actually going to want to trust someone that they saw an ad for, and let me tell you another thing, mass email companies are the same as tobacco companies, they sell you something that makes you think you’re doing something, but you are NOT. Those cold email marketing campaigns that you send out, you might as well get up every morning, roll up $200 and walk to your front porch and light them on fire, because that’s how well cold emailing marketing works, trust me, I’ve tried it. NOBODY checks their emails! And much like the crack down on SEO, there is a major crack down on spam emails, which means that it is much harder to send unsolicited emails that actually make it to anyones inbox. (Which is good) Unless you’re google or facebook of course, they can do whatever they want 🙂

Back to the point, take a step back from your ever changing mind about insurance marketing and hear me out.

Drop the digital, go back to direct mail. I know! A lot of people think it sounds crazy, but listen. I don’t mean when you go out to check your mail and you have those super thick catalogs that have coupons to 30% off out of date lunch meat to a grocery store that you would never shop in, and I am not talking about those marketing materials from jewelry stores that they send to your house hoping that your wife gets a look at it and starts heckling her husband to buy her something from there. I really don’t even mean marketing material at all. I am talking about building relationships with your potential clients through direct mail. Hand-signed, a sweet message, greeting card.

Not only does this keep your potential clients remembering your name, but it also makes them realize the DIFFERENCE between you and other companies. If you haven’t noticed, old-school trends keep coming around year after year, and it is my hope that eventually digital marketing is wiped out, because it is destroying our privacy and the way that people make money.

Insurance marketing does not have to be some kind of crazy digital series that you have to constantly learn more and more about, I know that this works because I’ve seen it work with hundreds and hundreds of insurance agents.