Successful insurance agencies typically employ a variety of methods for marketing their services and products to potential clients. Expensive and extensive advertising and marketing campaigns can be time-consuming as well as costly, oftentimes will little to no guarantee of securing new sales. 


For some insurance agents, sustaining their agency solely on referrals is a dream, and for others, it is a reality. Building a successful business centered around customer referrals that drives new leads that result in sales can be a reality for any agent willing to their efforts. Whether you are hoping to chart a new course with your own referral program or looking to energize your existing one, there are some important factors to consider. 


Understanding “Referral Based”

In the insurance realm, referral-based can also be referred to simply as “referral”, which occurs when an existing client passes along the name and contact information of a new prospect to your business. This potential customer is someone whom you existing client feels is already interested in learning more about insurance options they may have with current policies or new one. 


Why The Referral Matters

If your service has created a positive experience for customers in that they tell their friends, family members, or colleagues about your agency, you are already winning half of the sales battle. Selling insurance is also in part the selling of yourself and your business to potential clients, starting with a referred potential client means that the client is there based on your reputation alone. This gives you a great starting point. 


Spurring Referrals Into Action

As referrals are the most important way to gain business in the sales arena, it is imperative that you build your referral program with intention. Creating methods of encouraging your clients to refer others should include ways of rewarding and tracking of customer referrals. Offering incentives that are measurable is important in making sure that your efforts are providing your agency with positive results. 


Finding What Works For You

Having help with targeted referral marketing can be key to your agency’s success with referral-based business creation. Working with professionals at RECAMP can give your agency a clear path forward to achieving your referral goals. Offering marketing services and plans designed to promote your agency and build your referral clientele, RECAMP affords you the ability to focus on closing the deals. 

Creating a referral-based insurance business does not have to remain a dream, contact RECAMP today to find out more about how referrals can secure your agencies future.