I’ve done some digging when it comes to marketing yourself as an insurance agent, and let me tell you, insurance marketing is not easy. 


There are so many different methods of insurance marketing that you may have heard of, and there are a few effective ways that might surprise you.


Throughout my life I feel like I have often heard radio ads and seen billboards of insurance agents, and those were quickly overrun by huge insurance companies. I get it, insurance marketing is expensive, any kind of marketing is expensive when you’re having to compete with huge names all of the time. 


There are several cheaper methods when it comes to insurance marketing, FB ads, google ads, and canvassing with copy insurance marketing material, but we both know that those are not all as effective as having several marketing methods going at once. 


Have you ever heard of the 3-legged stool theory? It means that you need to have at least 3 marketing methods going at once, so when one fails, you have others to stand on. 


You don’t want to get crazy and decide to have a 5 legged stool, because that gets extremely expensive, as well as it’s really hard to track where your new leads are actually coming from. 


When it comes to insurance marketing, I’ve talked and worked with a lot of professionals, and one in particular says that he has the perfect algorithm going right now. He says that he runs radio ads, Facebook ads, and direct mail marketing! 


He said that when people call him or come in, he asks how they heard about him (You should be doing this every single time) and they always say something along the lines of “I heard you on the radio and then I received your card in the mail!” You see how they work together? 


There’s another proven theory when it comes to insurance marketing that someone has to hear your name and what you provide at least 12 times before they buy.. Think about it, as someone who listens to the radio. Probably a local radio station, and your ad is running on at least 3 of those stations, if they were to get in their car twice a day for 30 minutes each, then they heard your ad at least 8 times, throw 2 greeting cards that were sent to them over the span of 2 months? You are TOP OF MIND. 


Insurance marketing is not as hard as people make it out to seem. I understand that it can be tricky getting started, but once you find your 3 legged stool, you’ll be receiving warm leads in no time.