RECAMP is the most successful Realtor and Lender referral program used by insurance agents today.
  • RECAMP provides you with the knowledge and the tools necessary to partner with Realtors and Lenders getting all their referrals & become their most valued team member.
  • The RECAMP program is based on the “Laws of Reciprocity and Marketing” to build Realtor & Lender loyalty to you.
  • RECAMP sets you apart from other insurance agents by you helping Realtors and Lenders generate more referrals and repeat business from their own past clients.
  •  Have Realtors and Lenders sending you all of their quality referrals, by helping Realtors & Lenders build their business, they will send you everything.
  •  RECAMP utilizes marketing; that is personal, unique and different, branding your referrals sources to their  past clients.
  • This program includes coaching for both you and your staff as well as monthly National Conference calls with a RECAMP director.



RECAMP Auto is an innovative way to generate a constant flow of dealership leads for your agency instead of paying for internet auto leads.
  • RECAMP Auto is designed to help insurance agents partner with auto dealerships, sales teams and leasing departments.
  • They will send you their customers contact info that have recently purchased or leased vehicles.
  • It is a warm follow up call for the insurance agent, set up by the dealers.
  • Allowing you the opportunity to provide their customers with better service and coverage, ultimately leading you to writing their auto policy.
  • RECAMP Auto provides you a way to brand the dealer’s customers back to the dealerships and their sales teams for their future auto needs



PowerMarketing is a complete personalized marketing campaign for insurance agents and their staff when marketing. PowerMarketing is used when marketing to:
  • Realtors, Lenders, Auto Dealers and their sales teams
  • New prospects Your book of business.
  • PowerMarketing is what Realtors and Lenders will use to promote and market you to THEIR clients.
  • DO NOT give Realtors or Lenders your business cards to hand out for you. BIG MISTAKE!



Would more life sales benefit your agency? Learn how using NAR statistics and home buying habits will increase your life production with proper set ups.
  • RECAMP Life Marketing is a system designed to help generate more life policies for your agency.
  • Prospects will tell you what their life insurance needs are without you having to ask them about life insurance.
  • Marketing pieces design to set appointments
  • Clients tell us that at least 50% of the prospects receiving these marketing pieces set life appointments
  • Special Report/Consumer Guide, prepared by you with your photo
  • Consumer Guide-Life insurance: Who Really Needs It Anyway?
  • Special Reports-Life Generator Set Ups


RECAMP Cross Sales

This marketing campaign is designed to enable you to effectively cross sell your book of business. Our campaign utilizes proven insurance strategies and includes scripts:
  • If you have the home policy with no auto policy
  • If you have the auto policy with no home policy
  • Set appointments for annual reviews
  • Writing Personal Umbrella policies
  • Working with clients/prospects with Financial Services