“My agents have used a program called RECAMP® for over eight years now. We have not found a better program on the market to generate referrals from Realtors and lenders.”
Jeff Hastings, Author “So You Want To Be An Insurance Agent”

As a producer for a Farmers agent, I wrote over 1500 policies in just 2 years from RECAMP®.
Jordan, WA.

The first 90 days on RECAMP® we wrote 50 homeowner policies. RECAMP® has
“Super Charged” my agency!  –David, TX.

I’ve tried every marketing program the company has to offer. RECAMP® has generated more business than all the others combined.
Dan, KS.

I wrote 30 homeowner policies last month just working RECAMP® with lenders. RECAMP® has definitely helped our agency.
Brent, SD.

At the end of my second full year in business, the company notified me and told me that I had finished 13th in the company in production for that year. RECAMP® really works!
Mike, OK.

We get 15 to 20 homeowner referrals per month from Realtors and lenders because of RECAMP®. RECAMP® has definitely helped build our agency.  -John, OR.

WOW! What an opportunity! I have been amazed at the response. I have been getting referrals from real estate agents all over town and have been given the opportunity to network with some agents entire databases.
Regan, TX.

By consistently working RECAMP® my production is up 147% over last year. RECAMP® has reinvented the way I do business.
Doug, IL.

RECAMP® has been a game changer for may agency.
Jason, CA

Over the last 40 days, I’ve received 19 referrals from Realtors because of RECAMP®. What a wonderful way to differentiate and market yourself.
Bill, CA.

The first year I used RECAMP®, it paid for its self in just a few months. RECAMP® has paid for its self over and over and over again just the first year I used it. I now own a Realtor/lender marketing program I never have to pay for again.  –Randall, TX.