RECAMP was created by an insurance agent in 1997 to help him grow his insurance agency by referrals from Realtors and mortgage lenders. Management with his company took notice of his sudden increase in production and wanted to know what he was doing to generate the amount of business he was generating. He told them he created a system that allows him to help Realtors and lenders build their business by helping them get more referrals and repeat business from their own past clients. In return for me helping them build their business they are now sending me all their referrals.

He had never thought about selling his system to other agents until insurance agents started calling him wanting to know what he was doing to write so many homeowner policies and if he could duplicate what he was doing and sell it them.

His RECAMP Realtor and lender referral system was such a success for the insurance agents using it that insurance agents were now hearing about the success of RECAMP from other insurance agents. Realtors and lenders were now wanting to know why the insurance agents they used were not offering them RECAMP to help them build their business. RECAMP had become such a success with the insurance agents that were using the system that insurance companies were now inviting him in to share RECAMP with their agents. The rest is history.

The insurance agent that created RECAMP sold his agency back to the company and took RECAMP national on April 1, 1999. He has spent the last 15 years sharing RECAMP full time with insurance agents across the country doing Agency Growth Events, seminars, workshops and webinars.

RECAMP has been written about in Books, Magazines and Newsletters. It’s been talked about at insurance conferences  and is being discussed on insurance and real estate forums and blogs. RECAMP has become the system most used by insurance agents to generate referrals from Realtors and lenders.

The agent that created RECAMP says ”The most impressive thing about RECAMP is, no one that has seen a RECAMP presentation has ever said that they have seen anything better than RECAMP to generate referrals from Realtors and lenders.”

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