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Partner with 30 Realtors & Lenders in 60 Days

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Webinar Host Lance Groenewold

Coming from an extensive business and sales background and having held major management positions over the last 20 years gives Lance a wealth of experience in client relations.

National Sales Manager for RECAMP (Next Level Marketing Group), Lance focuses on improving the sales process for Insurance Agents in order to gain more referrals and generate more revenue.

Find Out How

  • To have at least 30 additional Realtors and Lenders committed to sending you all of their quality referrals within the next 60 days.
  • To build your Agency strictly using the referrals you get from Realtors and Lenders.

Also Find Out

  • How your business cards are losing you business.
  • Why you should never give a Realtor or Lender a referral.
  • Why Realtors and Lenders say working with Agents using RECAMP is a “no-brainer”.

Our Program Includes

  • Scripts, outlines, on-demand training, and live and recorded webinars.
  • Unlimited one-on-one coaching is provided for all Agents participating in RECAMP.

RECAMP, grows both your business and a Realtor’s or Lender’s business together; it makes you the most valuable member of their team.

RECAMP was developed using the fundamentals of marketing and reciprocity.

RECAMP truly is a win-win for everyone involved!

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