Successful insurance agent producers know that quality, local insurance leads are vital to ongoing success. Funny how the pen that writes up an order for new business is always tethered to the phone. Today we have witnessed the global strength and power of technology with nearly every successful business being to some extent tied to the internet.

The world has also become all too aware of the fact that the internet rapidly changes. That said, insurance agents thirsting for relevant insurance leads must seek a competitive advantage. While a competitive advantage based on paying for every lead on a per lead basis can be effective, it means you are tied to your own cost outlay and budget for each and every lead, and the number of leads any given vendor can supply.

But, an alternate strategy for successful insurance agency marketing exists. No, not alternate–parallel. No insurance agent carries just one line; it would cripple the agency’s income. Multiple lines mean multiple chances to connect with customers. Lead generation should work the same way. Your insurance marketing efforts should combine more than one tactic to put you in front of your customers.

And this is where Recamp marketing comes in. Recamp went national in 1999, and since then has shared its referral marketing system with countless insurance agents across the country. Recamp has given insurance agents a proven referral system which enables insurance agents to build and grow a reliable business network.

To learn more about how referral marketing can quickly generate business for insurance agents with real estate and broker leads, contact Recamp today at,or call them directly at 888-882-8806.